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Special features can be added to RTS Packaging fiber partitions to meet specific customer needs. Features such as V-notches, orientation notches, corner cuts and other die-cut configurations are designed for compatibility with various types of automatic case-packing equipment. This ensures precise orientation of the partition and enhances high-speed production lines.

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Reduces label damage or other interference between the product and the partition as the product is inserted. V-notches may be cut at either the top or bottom of the cell depending on the type of packaging operation.

Orientation Notch:

Orientation notches provide a means to ensure all partitions in an erector/inserter magazine are folded in the same direction and will open uniformly facilitating automatic operations. The rectangular notches at one end of the length and width strip will line up when partitions are collapsed uniformly.

Corner Cuts:

Reduce insertion problems by decreasing interference between the partition and the edge of the carton. Corner cuts also provide clearance for top and bottom locking styles when the partition is opened. Styles include diagonal, rounded and concave/convex.


Adhesive coating applied to the vertical edges of the partition to create friction between the partition and the carton, minimizing partition fallout when de-casing.


Indicate either the up direction or the direction the partition is to be inserted into the carton.

Locking Features:

Restricts movement of strips in open position and provides cell integrity at the top and bottom of the partition. Locking features are offered in many styles based on height and number of strips.

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